Hang Tough

3 Miles. 2 Girls. 1 Mountain.


Utah Beach, Normandy, 2014

Normandy, 2014

Three miles. Two girls. One mountain.

The two girls in question are Jo and Lindsey – certified nerds, champions at sitting down, and definite Indoor People™. So, why are we about to climb a mountain? (Albeit it a rather small one in the grand scheme of mountains.)

We’ve been fans of the TV series Band of Brothers for many years, and we both type “CURRAHEE!” so often on our phones that they automatically correct it to all capital letters.”Currahee” became the motto and rally cry of the 506th Infantry Regiment, featured in Band of Brothers, after the mountain was used as part of their training. After visiting many locations connected with Band of Brothers, including Upottery, Normandy, Eindhoven, Bastogne, Zell am See and Berchtesgaden, the only one we had yet to tick off our list was Toccoa. And it seemed crazy to go to Toccoa and not climb the hallowed slopes of Currahee.

We have been lucky/nerdy enough to have attended several Band of Brothers events organised by the WWII Foundation, and after a poignant WWII Foundation event in Bastogne for the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge in December, we decided we’d like to try to raise some money for the foundation ourselves. Climbing Currahee had been on our bucket list for a long time, so it seemed like an obvious decision to combine the two ideas. We also wanted to raise money for a similar UK-based charity, so everything we raise will be divided equally between the World War II Foundation and the Royal British Legion, who provide support for veterans and their families.

Bastogne, 2016

Jo, Phil Barantini (Skinny Sisk), Ross McCall (Joe Liebgott), Rick Gomez (George Luz), Lindsey and Rick Warden (Harry Welsh) – Bastogne, 2016

The men of the 506th used to run up and down the mountain as part of their gruelling training, so we’d like to clarify that we are not running up this thing. Running up a mountain in late May, in Georgia? No thank you. Neither of us are particularly sporty people, and generally will only run if someone is chasing us with a hammer. Collapsing halfway up a mountain is not something either of us have factored into our holiday itinerary, so we’re going to stick to walking, which will be hard enough for two slightly tubby ladies who excel at sitting in front of the TV.

We’ll keep you updated over the course of our fundraising and training (if we actually get around to doing any training, which all depends on if there’s anything good on the telly), so follow us for updates, and please donate to our JustGiving page, if you can.

Thank you, and CURRAHEE!



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