Hang Tough

3 Miles. 2 Girls. 1 Mountain.


The Last Patrol

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Our most humble thanks to everyone who generously gave to our fundraising appeal. The total amount raised is now in and both Lindsey and I are blown away by what has been donated.

When we decided to put our nerdy adventure to Toccoa to some good use, we put a target of £500 on JustGiving – a target neither of us actually thought we’d reach but it was a nice thought that we might get close. Never did we imagine that people would be so generous and dig deep into their pockets for two brilliant charities – the World War II Foundation and the Royal British Legion – East Barnet Branch.

Well, we were genuinely blown away when we did the final tally and have raised £750 for the charities.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts to everyone – friends, family, colleagues, fellow nerds and even strangers on Twitter who are fans of Band of Brothers.World War II FoundationRoyal British Legion

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