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Preparation, perspiration, inspiration and more donations

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It’s now less than 30 days before we head of to the States and we’re very excited about visiting Toccoa and climbing Currahee.

Hawkstone Park, ShropshireA couple of weekends ago I visited Lindsey in Shropshire so we could do a training session. It was a beautifully sunny weekend (we do get them from time to time in the UK!) so we made the most of the weather and went to Hawkstone Park – “an historic woodland fantasy with cliffs, crags, caves, deep woods and a series of extraordinary monuments built over 200 years ago”.

Hawkstone is an incredible place and the perfect destination to break in new trainers. It was a fabulous day of wandering around the various caves and strange buildings among the vast array of trees and greenery. We got in a few miles of walking and, more importantly, managed to squeeze in a Magnum ice-cream half way through as well. It was tough going but we just about succeeded in eating the ice-creams. It was for energy replenishment of course.

Hawkstone Park, ShropshireThe trainers are definitely broken in but we’ll probably get a couple more individual training sessions done between now and the end of May. We’ve got all the timings set and will be setting off from the Camp Toccoa at Currahee site around 7am (12pm GMT) on Monday 29 May. Hopefully, we’ll be back and refreshed in time for the Memorial Day Ceremony at 11am.

We’ve now raised over a third of our fundraising target and would like to thank everyone who has donated so far. We’ll hopefully raise more over the next few weeks and after our climb so these two charities will benefit from our feat. If you haven’t already donated, please visit bit.ly/HangTough and give what you can.

In the meantime, here’s a short video we recorded after our visit to Hawkstone Park (yes, we were in a furniture store). Enjoy!

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