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Win signed photos of Norman Reedus & Michael Cudlitz

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Donate to our Currahee adventure and you could win a signed photo of Norman Reedus or Michael Cudlitz!

Last weekend Lindsey and I went to Walker Stalker Con at Olympia in London. We went last year as we knew Michael Cudlitz would be there and, being fans of Band of Brothers, we really want to meet Bull Randleman. So how could we pass up the opportunity again this year when we knew he’d be in town? I’ve been brainstorming fundraising ideas since setting up this website and being at WSC was the perfect opportunity to get a couple of signed photos to auction.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon

Donate £5 at bit.ly/HangTough and comment with “Daryl” to enter

I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead so first I met Norman Reedus who plays crossbow-wielding, motorcycle-riding badass Daryl Dixon.

My hands were very cold so he was warming them up for me while signing the photo. I was wearing my Screaming Eagle pin badge and he asked what it was. He was so sweet and seemed genuinely interested as I explained about the 101st, Band of Brothers and our climb. I said he needed to speak to Michael about his role in the show and that I was going to auction the photo for charity.

He wished me good luck then gave me a big hug.

Norman Reedus at Walker Stalking Con - London 2017

Norman warms up my cold hands then signs the photo of him as Daryl.

Michael Cudlitz as Abraham Ford

Donate £5 at bit.ly/HangTough and comment with “Abraham” to enter

Next I went to meet Michael.

The queue to meet him was incredibly long as his red-headed mustachioed character, Abraham, is definitely a fan favourite. I picked up two photos that were available – one of him as Abraham Ford in The Walking Dead and one as Bull Randleman from Band of Brothers.

Although I was told he’d probably only sign one photo, he very kindly signed both without being asked. As he signed, I told him of our forthcoming trip to Atlanta and running Currahee. He smiled and wished us both good luck. He signed the BoB photo with “Currahee” and added “Bull” afterwards too. He’s also incredibly lovely.

Michael Cudlitz as Bull Randleman

Donate £5 at bit.ly/HangTough and comment with “Bull” to enter

To raise money for the World War II Foundation and Royal British Legion all of these photos are now available to win for a small donation. Each photo measures 8×10 and is signed by each actor with photos to prove.

Do you want to win one of these photos signed by Michael or Norman? Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to bit.ly/HangTough
  2. Donate a minimum of £5
  3. Leave a comment stating the photo you want – Daryl, Abraham or Bull (1 photo per donation)

We’ll pick the winners at random on Friday 31 March so get donating now! Notes below.

Michael Cudlitz at Walker Stalker Con - London 2017

Michael signed both photos and wished us good luck with Currahee.


  • This is open to anyone worldwide.
  • Postage will be covered – Royal Mail First Class or Standard International. Recorded delivery is available upon request with additional costs covered by winners.
  • A minimum donation of £5 (or equivalent) for each photo is required.
  • You must specify which photo you would like by leaving a comment on JustGiving – Daryl, Abraham or Bull.
  • Only 1 photo per donation.
  • Three winners will be announced on Twitter (@HangToughGirls) and Facebook (/HangToughGirls) on Friday 31 March.
  • All donations are split 50:50 between the World War II Foundation and Royal British Legion.

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